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What Will It Do For You?


The ADHD Planning Bundle combines all of my planners into a single package that's tailored to the unique challenges of entrepreneurs with ADHD.

Organize all of the ideas and thoughts clouding your brain.
Create a plan that outlines the steps in a simple, visual way.
Identify and stay focused on what really matters to you and your biz.
Get back onto the planning bandwagon faster after falling off.
I have always had a hard time focusing and organizing. I would try really hard to set goals and stay focused on them. But, it never really worked. 

I relied on last-minute adrenaline or let myself drown in hyper-focus in order to meet deadlines. But I was so anxious and depressed because there was so much I wanted to do, but wasn't.


I knew I needed a different approach to goal setting and planning because calendar systems, online to do lists, my memory, or will power weren't working for me.

I tried bullet journals, The Happy Planner, and almost every online planner. But they all overwhelmed me because they were too structured OR not structured enough.


This meant that I was either overwhelmed with too many details or confused and unsure about where to start and focus my energies. 

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So instead of buying another planner (or just winging it everyday) I started to design my own systems based on my experience as a web designer with a specialty in UI/UX design and information architecture.


...which is the art of breaking down, presenting, and simplifying information.


I knew what my brain needed and I wasn't going to let others tell me they knew better. And as I started to do more ADHD research, I realized that what I needed wasn't really that unique.

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During my research to create the best possible system, I learned that I'm not unique...
Like many people with ADHD, I struggle with organizing, prioritizing, and remembering... well... everything.

So basically... to be more productive and efficient my brain (and maybe yours too) needs a little extra help. 
We need planning and goal setting tools that let us see things at a glance.


When we can see things on one page it reduces overwhelm and helps us organize our thoughts. It also helps us see when we're being overly ambitious or unrealistic.

Following this format has made it a lot easier to do the right things at the right time AND to get things done more quickly.
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Neurotypical people do this more naturally and consistently. But for us,  this process helps us with our executive functioning challenges like:
  • Working Memory

  • Prioritizing

  • Staying Focused

  • Creating Timelines

  • Organizing Steps

  • Task Switching

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The Bundle