Automate Your Sales In 90 Days

Plan, Implement, and Tweak For a Profitable Ad

Automate Your Sales In 90 Days

Over the course of 9 weeks we will create a landing page, lead magnet, and Facebook ad. We will also start the ad and tweak it for best results. This will help you start making sales (and profiting from them) within 9 weeks. You will also have the skills and experience to continue managing your own ads, training someone else to do it for you, or knowing how to hire someone you can trust.

This is great for wellness professionals, coaches, or therapists, or anyone else that has a product or service to sell that fits into certain criteria. For example, it will work better if your product is over $75 and people have purchased it before (either from you or someone else).

And it doesn't matter if you have run ads with or without success. We will start from scratch or work with what you have.

Please book an appointment to find out if this a good fit for you.