Hey there. I'm Susanna. The person behind Mindflows.

... and I started this because I was tired of neurotypical planners and productivity advice that didn't work for my ADHD brain.

The Diagnosis

For the past 10+ years I have worked as web designer with a specialty in user-design, branding, and digital marketing. But like a lot of ADHD'ers I have a knack for coming up with ideas (which means I've had a lot of other businesses as well).


I know you won't need to hear how insecure I've felt about not being able to "just focus", "pick one thing" or "use a calendar".

The implied "try harder" sucked too and I REALLY needed to find a better way!

Even though I was diagnosed over 10 years ago, I didn't take it seriously until after my nieces were diagnosed. I saw how much medication helped them and as soon as I was able to afford it, I


Then, with the hyperfocus only and ADHD'er could appreciate, I began researching.


I wanted to understand why we struggle with neurotypical advice and wanted to know what would work better.

What I Learned

Through countless books and videos on ADHD and neuroscience I started to understand why ordinary planners don't work for us. I also learned how our executive function challenges affect our everyday lives.


So if you're anything like me, it is a huge relieve to know that are brains ARE different.

So if you're still wondering  -> no, we aren't lazy, stupid, or crazy!

I grew to understand three really important things I learned about why they don't work, and what we need.


Regular'ole planners don't provide the frameworks essential for helping us chunk down,  organize, and access our thoughts. It's not that we can't do these things.


We need a process that's both flexible and systematized. If it's too much of one or the other, it's too overwhelming and we ignore it


We need a simple, visual system that makes it easy to see our plans and goals. Otherwise, we can forget and get pulled into other things.

We also need to more than planners to give our brains the fuel they need to function at its best
  • We are novelty-seeking because this gets our dopamine flowing which means we need HEATLHY, productive ways to do this.

  • Since so many of us struggle with anxiety and depression, we need HEALTHY ways to cope and manage those feelings.

  • ...and sometimes we just need someone working alongside us and cheering us on because... well... accountability. It can also help with some of that dopamine-flow too..

What started as a way to help me take control of my life and business but has become much more. It has become a passion for helping other ADHD'ers in way that no out there is helping us.  

It became my mission

It's no secret that many of us have to work harder than most just to get through a typical day. That's why it's my mission to help every single ADHD'er with a business to try LESS hard from here on in. And I plan to do do that with frameworks (like the ADHD planning bundle), services to help us take action, and practical products that will help us stay positive, motivated, and able to focus.