Hey there. I'm Susanna. I'm here because I'm tired of neurotypical planners and productivity advice that doesn't work for my ADHD brain.

I needed advice beyond "just focus", "pick one thing", and "use this random calendar". And the implied "try harder" sucked too!



It's no secret that many of us have to work harder than most just to get through a typical day. That's why it's my mission to help you try LESS hard. 
About Susanna
I'm a pretty typical ADHD'er

Like a lot of ADHD'ers I have a knack for coming up with ideas, a knack for forgetting about them, and a knack for getting distracted. I know you won't need to hear how insecure I've felt about not being able to "just focus", "pick one thing" or "use a calendar".

The Story
Realizing Neurotypical Advice Would Never Work For Me

As soon as I began researching my ADHD diagnosis, I understood why I struggled with that advice. With a hyperfocus only an ADHD'er could appreciate, I began researching and testing to find out what would work better! 

The Realization
(Surprise!) Our Brains Are Different And Often Uncooperative

Most people can manage their schedule with a calendar. For us, though, ordinary planners make us feel even more stressed. But why? It is my opinion that they don't provide the frameworks essential to helping us chunk down,  organize, and access our thoughts. 

Image by Jess Bailey
I knew that as an entrepreneur with ADHD I couldn't rely on myself to consistently plan and prioritize. I knew I needed help to make this happen. A coach wasn't an option, so I started creating a system the replicated the parts of my brain that don't work properly.. 
This is What I Needed Them To Do...

We need a framework to help us chunk things down. WE CAN do it, but it takes too much mental and emotional energy.

We need a process that's both flexible and systematized. If it's too much of one or the other, it's too overwhelming and we ignore it.

We need a simple, visual system that makes it easy to see our plans and goals. Otherwise, we can forget and get pulled into other things.

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